Introducing our Trauma Program Team Lead

Hi Everyone,

My name is Trent and I am the Trauma Team Lead for the Clinic.  For me, treating trauma and PTSD is the most fulfilling part of being a therapist.  Trauma can have a significant and far-reaching impact on a person. It is so gratifying to work alongside someone who starts treatment experiencing the chaos and struggle of PTSD, working with them to heal over the course of a few months, and after completing treatment to see them quite literally have a whole new outlook on life.  

I saw the impact of trauma through years working in child protection, Indigenous and church settings.  I wanted to be able to help people heal from their trauma, which led me to become a psychotherapist by going back to school to get an additional master’s degree.  After completion of my degree I spent the next several years investing in significant training in evidence-based trauma treatments, while working with clients who were healing from trauma.  I continue to regularly develop and increase my skills as a trauma therapist so I can treat PTSD as effectively as possible.

Making sense of trauma and trauma treatment is not easy.  As the Trauma Program Team Lead, I am excited to be part of a group that includes therapists who bring their own varied skills, training and personalities to the team.  I get great satisfaction from learning from the amazing clinicians who are part of this team.  We are committed to helping folks understand how trauma has impacted them, and collaboratively determining which treatment makes the most sense for each person and their unique situation.  We do this by getting to know the specific needs of each individual, and matching each person’s situation with an evidence-based trauma treatment that will be the most effective for them.  This is a collaborative process between client and therapist that works off of the trust built between them over the course of several sessions.

My role as team lead is to foster a supportive team environment, be available for team member consultations, to stay up to date on treatment evidence and share updates with the team, to encourage us as a team to maintain a focus on adherence to evidence while also responding to the unique needs of individual clients, and to bring expert consultants to the team as needed.